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Price Gouging | Misleading Patients | Surprise Billing

We’re looking for stories of Texans who were mistreated by a freestanding ER or who received a surprise medical bill.

Texans are fed up with being held hostage by outrageous surprise medical bills. Whether your story is about a surprise bill you received, misleading information about a treatment or cost, or even just an outrageously high price for a service, please let us know. Help put an end to this crisis–share your story. After you submit it, we’ll review your story and contact you to get more information if needed.

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Read some of the testimonials submitted by real life Texans about the health care system.
DO NOT GO! They can charge whatever they want and will! I have a bill or $1700 for fluids and medicine after copay and insurance. They over charge on purpose and can get away with it. CONSUMER BEWARE!
CP P. - Houston, TX
Horrible. On an extreme scale. Go anywhere, but here. I asked for costs upfront. They would not furnish me with basic costs, but told me it would be $150 for the basic costs. It is more than $1250. There were no tests. They looked at the cut and said not stitches and we are done. The service was bad. The deception is unforgivable.
BRYAN H. - Houston, TX
DO NOT GO HERE EVEN IF YOU ARE ON YOUR DEATH BED!!! IT is an absolute scam! Your relatives will be paying your extravagant bills long after you're gone!!
LAUREN T. - Austin, TX
I was not exactly in a position to fill out a bunch of forms while holding a crying, sick infant and saw these "procedures" very clearly for what they are cash before care, profit before people.
NOMBRE D. - Austin, TX
I went in for a very minor emergency and was out the door in about an hour. I paid $150 as a co-payment and then received a bill for over $500 dollars with no description or details. Today (6 months after I went to this facility) I received another bill $246 again without any details or itemization. Avoid this place at all costs, I will have paid close to $1000 dollars for antibiotics and paid medication (with insurance). Again, do not go to this place-their billing is inconsistent and deceptive.
MATT S. - League City, TX