End Health Care Mandates

What That Means

Health care mandates are state-based legislation that require Texas employers and individuals to pay more for their health insurance coverage by forcing insurance companies to pay for more extra benefits and extra regulations. Unfortunately, these bills are becoming business-as-usual for the Texas Legislature, and we want to do something about it. There are opportunities for Texas lawmakers to help lower the cost of health insurance. One way is to re-examine the government mandates state officials have passed into law. We also must stop passing new mandates, and create a mandate fiscal note. Fighting mandates is becoming more difficult each year. Texans for Affordable Health Care is dedicated to protecting Texans — to protecting you — from the incredible cost increases we’re seeing in our healthcare system. Premium payers should get the value they deserve and want from their health insurance. The fact is, mandates will increase your healthcare costs. And that’s an argument worth paying attention to.

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