New Texas House Bill Targets Freestanding ERs

May 12, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas — A recent survey claims the convenience that comes with freestanding emergency rooms also comes with a steep price tag for patients.

  • Would require freestanding ERs to disclose whether in-network
  • AARP did survey on freestanding ERs
  • Some patients charged more than expected

One Texas lawmaker has filed a bill hoping to change that. House Bill 2041 calls for freestanding emergency rooms to clarify whether or not their services are covered by someplans. The bill would require the facilities to use the language in-network or out-of-network.

Some of the clinics say they take or accept . But AARP, which conducted a on the topic, warns that those words don’t necessarily mean the ER is in-network. One representative says that’s not the only surprise for patients.

“We also see the industry hitting folks with huge bills, with facility fees and observation fees, and all kinds of tests that they run when folks really thought they’re coming in, often times, for urgent care,” said Blake Hudson of AARP Texas.

The new bill also specifies how freestanding emergency rooms should disclose whether they are in-network or not.