The Three Leading Causes

Price Gougin
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Texans are being financially taken advantage of in emergency medical situations. It is illegal to price-gouge Texans during natural disasters for things like bottled water and other supplies, so why shouldn’t Texans also be protected against price-gouging in medical emergencies?

Texans should never be financially punished with expensive surprise bills when they are misled or are forced to see an out-of-network doctor in a medical emergency.

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Misleading Patients
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Some of the most expensive surprise bills come from facilities called freestanding ERs – and Texas is home to more of these than any other state. Texans deserve the truth about freestanding ERs.

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Stop Surprise Bills from Holding Texas Patients Hostage

Texas has some of the highest rates of surprise medical billing in the country. Thousands of Texans are being forced or tricked into to seeing out-of-network providers in medical emergencies – and now they’re paying the price. Out-of-network providers are inflating their prices and sending outrageously expensive surprise bills to Texas patients every day. Texans are speaking out about the devastating financial impact of crippling surprise medical bills.

Tell your lawmaker to end surprise billing in Texas now!